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Coming this Saturday, Aug 27th - 'Rotors Over Mentone 2016'

The annual "Rotors Over Mentone" Fly-In will be held on Saturday, Aug 27th. The fly-in event begins at 10:00 am with the museum's program beginning at
11:00 am. The Bell Aircraft Museum is located at 210 South Oak St, Mentone, IN.

During this event, the Bell Aircraft Museum will be honoring the aeronautical accomplishments of Arthur M. Young, inventor of the Bell 47 Helicopter. The Museum
will be playing the full length film, “The Birth of Bell helicopter “and several documentaries on and by Arthur Young with interviews by Arthur Bloch. This year marks
the 70th anniversary of the commercial Bell Model 47. On March 8, 1946, the Model 47 (NC 1H) was awarded the first commercial license by the US Civil
Aeronautics Administration (now the FAA) to a helicopter manufacturer which was the Bell Aircraft Corp of Buffalo, NY.

Event Guest Speaker:
Our guest speaker will be Robert J. Ruotolo, who had the opportunity to spend time and talk with Arthur Young prior to Young's passing in 1995. Robert is a writer,
commercial photographer, and cinematographer. He specializes in aerial and transportation systems photography. His work captures the beauty of both the natural
and manmade wonders of the world. Robert has been involved with photography professionally since the early 1990s. He has worked within the many fields of
photography including aviation, architecture, culinary, fashion and portraiture.

Robert is also an aviation enthusiast, perpetual student pilot, and advocate of aviation preservation. His first love and passion is for helicopters. He began his
interest in aviation at an early age. He had planned on a career with the U.S. Army hoping to fly the Bell UH-1H Huey and Bell AH-1S/F Cobra helicopters. Following
a series of unfortunate events that precluded his military career from happening, he became involved in helicopter restoration with the USS INTREPID. He also
became an aviation consultant. One of his goals is to restore a UH-1 and display it at airshows and open a museum in the Northeastern part United States.

In addition to career positions as a writer, photographer, cinematographer and aviation consultant, Robert has also been involved in positions as a musician,
computer technician, graphic designer, commercial baker, a chef and a few additional things in between. Robert is a Native New Yorker and presently resides
in New York City.

Schedule of Events (as of 25 Aug 2016)
09:30 Food tent opens until event closes, beginning with Bell egg sandwiches (available all day), breakfast rolls, and beverages including coffee
10:00 Helicopters rides available (American Huey & Goshen Helicopter) until 11 am
10:45 Complimentary meals for pilots and crew begin, served until 2 pm
11:00 Program
- Welcome Remarks - Marsha Scott, Event Co-Chair
- Invocation - Rev. Jason Rice
- Placing of Colors - Warsaw American Legion Post 49 Color Guard
- National Anthem - Band Members of Tippecanoe Valley High School
- Recognition of Veterans in the Audience
- Introduction of Guest Speaker - Steve Rogers, Event Co-Chair
- Guest Speaker - Robert J. Ruototo
12:00 - Helicopter rides resume until close

The Museum will be raffling off a Huey ride! Ride courtesy of American Huey 369.
Tickets will be $5.00 each with proceeds going to new displays at the Museum.

The American Red Cross (and their Bloodmobile) will not be in attendance this year, but hope they can
return again next year.

Fly-In Note:
For helicopter pilots that fly in for the event, call sign: "Bell Operations". Monitor Frequency is 123.45.
A shuttle from the Mentone Airport to the Bell Aircraft Museum will be made available for fixed wing pilots
courtesy of the Museum. Please contact us a day ahead of time of your time arrival so arrangements can be made.
Point of contact is Marsha Scott at 574-328-2034.

Pilots and crew that fly in for the event will be invited to a complementary meal.

Food Tent Menu Items:
Bell Egg Sandwiches
Hamburgers & Cheeseburgers
Jumbo & Regular Hot Dogs
Coney Dogs
Baked Beans
Potato Chips
Ice Cream
Breakfast Rolls
Coffee and Drinks

For additional information, please contact Marsha at or by phone at 574-353-7460.

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