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The Bell Aircraft Museum is located just west of downtown Mentone, IN near the crossroads of Indiana SR 19 and SR 25. Mentone is approximately 12 miles southwest of Warsaw and 15 miles northeast of Rochester in northern IN. Major highways in the area used to get to Mentone are US 30, Indiana SR 15 and SR 31. The town of Mentone is located in Harrison and Franklin townships, Kosciusko County.

Lawrence D. Bell Aviation Museum is located at:
210 South Oak St.
Mentone, Indiana U.S.A 46539

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Town of Mentone, IN
In addition to being home of the Lawrence D. Bell Museum, Mentone is also known for being the "Egg Basket of the Midwest". Because of prolific commercial egg production in the area, Mentone holds an Egg Festival annually in early June to celebrate its heritage. A large concrete egg stands near the town center and is considered locally to be the "Largest Egg in the World". The Bell Museum has been active in supporting this annual event. Nearby restaurants in the downtown area consist of Teel’s Restaurant, Subways, and Bourbon St Pizza.