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Greetings from the Bell Museum! Make plans this spring to either tour
our Museum or play bingo on selected Thursday evenings. Currently, the
Museum is open for tours by appointment only. Do come join us.
Helicopter enthusiasts mark your calendars - Rotors 'n Ribs on Jul 13th at the
Goshen Airport and Rotors Over Mentone on Sep 14th at the Bell Museum.
More information and updates to follow!

Evening Bingo at the Bell Museum on Thursdays, May 16th, Jun 6th, and Jun 20th

Bingo at the Museum - An Evening Event
Join us for Thursday night bingo again in May and in Junel at the Bell Museum.
Event starts at 6:00 pm for regular bingo and 5:30 for early birds.
Doors open at 4:30 pm. Cost is $15.00.

Rotors Over Mentone 2023

Pictured above is John Walker (left), who was the event speaker for the
14th Annual "Rotors Over Mentone" event's program on Sep 9th. On hand
was American Huey 369's Bell TH-13T (upper right). The organization's
UH-1H and Cleveland Helicopter Services' Enstrom 280FX (bottom right)
offered rides to the public. Weather was good enough in the morning to
allow pilots from the area to bring their helicopters in as well.

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