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Rotors Over Mentone 2020

Bell Museum President Tim Croy and Speaker Linda Cochran (left),
rides from American Huey 369 (upper right) and Cleveland Helicopter
Services (bottom right)

Unfortunately the weather and COVID-19 limited the number of helicopters attending this year's "Rotors Over Mentone" event on Sep 12th. Mentone encountered low ceiling and poor visibility in the morning, but weather gradually improved during the day with the sun finally coming out by early afternoon. Museum Board Member Linda Cochran filled in for R.J. Hill, who was invited to speak about the history of Mentone and could not attend. Other program participates included the Legion Post 49 Color Guard and select band members of the Tippecanoe Valley High School (TVHS) under the direction of Janell Riner.

Despite the weather, Cleveland Helicopter Services kept busy throughout the day giving numerous rides in their Robinson R44. John Walker and American Huey 369 was also busy giving membership rides in their Bell UH-1H (369) during the afternoon. Oldies 101.1 WOIE broadcasted Live for most of the event and interviewed John Walker. Food and drink were offered by the Museum at their food tent. The Museum's gift shop was open for those who wanted to purchase a T-shirt, an aircraft model, or a toy for the kids. Admission to the event was free. There was something for everyone. It was a nice opportunity for people to get out. Pictures taken at this year’s "Rotors" event can be viewed in our Image Gallery.

Below are two news articles that covered the event:

1) "Town's History Reviewed at Rotors Over Mentone Event" by Jackie Gorki from Times-Union Online, Warsaw IN
2) "Lifting Spirits with Helicopter Rides Over Mentone" by Dan Spalding from, Kosciusko County's Digital Daily Newspaper